About Me

Hi! I'm Michael Brian Kelly. Search "Michael Kelly" online and you will find actors, congressmen, doctors, and a thousand other people. That's why I'm using my middle name.

I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with my wife and son. At heart, I am a people-oriented problem solver. I have a Ph.D. in math and was a professor for a few years. I loved teaching and the connects I made with students more than research so eventually I left higher academia to work as a curriculum designer. I designed math content for an educational website for K-12 students. When my wife finished her degree she wanted to be near family so I left my job and followed her. It was a tough time and I spent a few months scrapping for work.

I broadened my job search and one day I came across a job in digital marketing on Craigslist. It was a wine cellar seeking a data driven marketer who could justify their work mathematically. I didn't know whether it was real at first but I landed the job. Soon I was designing websites, email campaigns, social media posts, menus, food packaging, and I even animated the company logo. I am so thankful I had that opportunity and that I was able to discover the field of graphic design.

Since that role, I've been learning design and animation with whatever spare resources I have. I've attended design bootcamps, purchased many online design and animation courses, and I am always learning and practicing.

If you would like to work with me, go to my homepage and click CONTACT to reveal my email address. (It's hiding from the bots.)